Claire Kinsella Holtje-worked on Wall Street for fifteen years, first as an assistant trader, and then as a broker at a leading Wall Street investment-banking firm. A former Vice President in institutional sales, her clients included hedge funds, mutual funds and risk arbitrage accounts. She also managed individuals' money putting together balanced portfolios. As a Wall Street professional, she kept her balance by practicing and studying yoga for twenty years and teaching for the last nine.

Her studies have taken Claire to Ireland with its rich Celtic history, to the serenity of a Himalayan ashram in India and to the historical origin of the world’s major religions, the Middle East. She has gleaned universal insights and principals of abundance from each of these unique global spiritual traditions and applies them in her yoga teaching and spiritual financial counseling work.

Having combined her passion for yoga and finance she has developed an integrative program called the Safety Space™ system to help people understand money as energy.  Safety Space™ is an organizational system consisting of seven categories where each part of your financial picture is associated with a different chakra or energy center of the body. The chakras are the gateways between this material plane and divine energy, inspiration, wisdom and abundance.

Claire is Integral Yoga certified in Levels I, II & III, prenatal and postpartum as well as meditation. She most recently completed her 500 hour certification at ISHTA YOGA , studying closely with Alan Finger. For the past several years she has been conducting workshops in NY, DC and the Chicago area teaching the principles of the Safety Space™ system as well as maintaining a private financial counseling practice in New York City.

Claire can be reached at (212)362-9840 or by using the contact form.